2002 Toyota Highlander_Transmission Fluid Leak


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Jan 5, 2007
First of all Thanks for your replies-> billr, grauto, MobileDan, JackC,
Since I posted my last reply I have monitored the leak almost daily.
Conclusion-> I made a mistake, I no longer think it's transmission fluid. NO it appears to be ENGINE OIL. What fooled me was I saw drops hanging from the lower panel of the transaxle, and assumed it was leaking there. Now I am fairly confident that leakage came from the engine oil pan and when the SUV is driven the wind blows the oil back and everywhere.
What did I do-> I noticed the engine oil pan was wet around the edges, so I tighten the bolts (some were not completely tight). And since then I can see improvement. I will continue to monitor and if necessary replace the oil pan gasket(looks like an easy job, and cheap only $12 including gasket +shipping from RockAuto). Later I plan to replace the valve cover gaskets and spark plugs may wait and do it all when it's warmer.
I appreciate the help. Any additional developments will let you know in this message or post a new message.
Once again please pardon my mistake.
Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR.