2005 Dodge Grand Caravan p0032 heated O2 circuit


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Feb 20, 2007
New York
3.8 engine, 131,000 miles.

Two days ago, CEL popped on, code p0032 showing when I scanned. Been doing my research, and most of the info I find indicates to just replace the O2 sensor. Figure to check into doing that this weekend, when I actually have 1 day off! Come out of work tonight, and the CEL is OFF! Scanned again when I got home, but the code is still there.

Anyone ever come across this before? As far as I know, this should be original O2; I bought used a couple years ago and haven't replaced it myself. Any special words of wit (or advice) before I bust a knuckle or two this weekend?


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Nov 14, 2006
Southern California
Change the O2 sensor it is bad. Light went out because it had three starts at operating temp that the O2 worked fine. It will fail again and soon. Recommend you change all of the O2 sensors as maint. When I worked at the dealer we would recommend replacing them at 60,000 miles. Also change the thermostat if it has never been chenged. There are a lot of things that can be changed for maint due to mileage. But these two items are the ones that usually give you problems. HTH Greasemonkey :)


Aug 28, 2007
Add a tiny piece of nichrome heater wire and charge over double the price for these things. An ohmmeter tells if the heater coil is opened or not, better yet is a 12 volt supply with an ammeter to get it hot while looking at the current.

Then that connector down low exposed to road salt, since you don't change these things every week, can cut that out and hard solder it. Or just try to clean the connects the best you can. Yours sounds like its intermittent.

Purpose of that heater is suppose to cut the time it takes the O2 sensor to reach 350*F, but very little help since you are getting 1,400*F heat from the engine, but the EPA wants that so required. With some engines, engine temperature also has a say in when the engine can switch to closed loop mode. But when the temperature is 30* below outside, that takes extra time to reach around 160*F so that O2 heater is even more worthless.

As is the cat worthless when cold, EPA tried to do something about that with electric heat, that would require help from the Hoover Dam, so was dropped, least for now.