2008 Honda Rancher 420 ATV intermittent no crank


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Dec 13, 2006
Jackson MS
I have a 2008 Honda Rancher TRX420TM8. I bought it rather inexpensively from a buddy, who couldn't ride it any more due to back injury. It had set up for 2 years, and someone tried to steal it by cutting the ignition wires. I put a new ignition switch in it, fresh gas, oil and filters. It cranks instantly and runs perfectly...until yesterday.

Yesterday, I installed a Badland winch, and ran the wires straight to the battery. It's the ZXR 2500 lb ATV with wire rope and wireless remote control. It has a box in-line in the hot cable, which houses a circuit breaker. I had a difficult time finding a suitable place for this; it's kind of wedged under the seat near some other wires.

After install, I tested the winch, and it worked great. The machine cranked and ran very well. I parked it for a couple hours while I cut the grass. Then, it wouldn't crank. When I turned the key on, I heard the fuel pump prime up. The coolant temp and fuel injector indicator lights were normal. The starter would not turn over. Also, no matter how I ran the gears, the neutral indicator would not light up, nor would the reverse indicator.

After some jostling, it finally went back to normal and cranked. Any idea where I should look for the specific problem?