2015 Equinox low coolant in reservoir


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Jan 28, 2007
Did that camino get sold JP? I hope so. Was a sweety ride. I am looking into a 335xi. But that is for spring. Still waiting on overtime to make better percentage.

Will keep you all posted on that project when it actually is in my driveway.

Happy dealer went down on cost. Like you said, other shyte to do right?

Hows life in your parts BTW?
Yeah, I did sell it to a local guy who was really into Elkys. I was very torn on whether or not to sell it, but glad it got a good home. Allowed me to buy my 07 Solstice, which I had no time to upgrade this year....not even time to give it a good coat of wax. Weather has sucked here, lots of rain, almost time to put it to bed in the garage for the winter.

It's becoming all about time...no time for this, no time for that. Although I really enjoy the shade tree car repairs, it's become a "you need to get this done NOW", rather than taking my time, having fun figuring things out and solving diagnostic problems on my own and repairing them.

Yes, by all means, post pix of your project!