A/C Electrical ? 2005 Dodge Neon2.0


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Jun 28, 2007
Look what I found. Plug connector (High Pressure Switch) looked like it was fully engaged, but it is all broken up with plastic pieces. When I first checked this, I probed it with meter through the wire shield (trying to save some time) I didn't think about pulling the plug out until today. It's busted up as you can see. I was able to rig it to hold for the meantime. Plugged it back in and a/c blowing cold! After questioning the kid, he says he thinks he might have hit a cone in the road the same time it went out (imagine that). Sure would have been nice if he would have told me this prior lol. That's okay... I'll add a bit extra to the bill. :)

Thanks for putting up with me through this! I am very much appreciative of everyone's input and supplying the drawings. Gotta love this site for sure!

Thank you!!!