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Feb 10, 2013
BAT Auto Technical is a one of a kind automotive technical website, where professional mechanics help people with their vehicle problems by providing professional, quality information. Where the professional, do-it-yourselfer, consumer and manufacturer can meet to gain quality information to meet their needs.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive source of automotive repair information. A place where people can come to locate the information they need to take care of their vehicles and save time, money and headaches. Bruce, Alan and Tony (B.A.T.) founded BAT Auto Technical. After a lot of thought and work, they decided to create a site that would suit everyone, from the consumer who just needed an opinion, to the mechanic who is looking for a place to talk to other mechanics, provide assistance or needs a little assistance, to the manufacturer who was willing to listen to the consumer or mechanic.

A little background. Originally, in September of 1999, a little forum arose from an idea, adding a few little pages to a free web hosting. This little forum quickly grew to a point where a change had to be made. In June of 2000, BAT Auto Technical arose from the ashes of that little forum as a complete, comprehensive and professional website. BAT Auto Technical is always adding to it and trying to find the information that the reader will find of most interest.

Currently. A mechanics membership continues to grow and improve the site. We are greatful to them and Companies who help to support us and work with us. Improving the site continues to be our goal, along with providing the highest quality of assistance that we can.
Watch our Bruce on the DIY Network!
Our Bruce was the host of DIY Network's television show called "Weekend Mechanic".
DIY Network's Weekend Mechanic premiered October 3 at 5 p.m. ET on DIY Network and aired every Tuesday at 5:00 pm EST and 8:00 pm EST and
was be hosted by BAT Auto Technical's very own Bruce Bonebrake!
We are very proud of Bruce.
Unfortunately, the last air date we show for the Weekend Mechanic show is January 11, 2008.
The episode breakdown.
Episode 101 - Fuel System diagnosis/repair
102 - Cooling System diagnosis/repair
103 - Cylinder Head replacement
104 - Small Engine (lawn mower) diagnosis/repair
105 - Lift Kit installation
106 - Go Kart assembly (from kit) I
107 - Go Kart assembly (from kit) II
108 - Window & Door Lock upgrade (manual to power)
109 - Body Work
110 - Air Conditioning retrofit (R-12 to R-134)
111 - Utility Trailer assembly (from kit) Click here for trailer kit info.
112 - Timing Chain replacement
113 - Marine Engine & Drive System diagnosis/repair
201 Axle CV-Boot Joint
202 ABS Disc Brakes
203 Timing-Belt Replacement
204 Check-Engine Light
205 Engine Replacement, Part I
206 Engine Replacement, Part II
207 Electrical-System Upgrade and Winch Installation
208 Struts Replacement
209 Installing a Power Rear-Window in a Pickup
210 Disc-Brake Conversion
211 Air-Conditioner Installation
212 Mini-Bike Kit
213 Supercharger
301 Remote-Control Engine Starter
302 Repairing a Sagging Headliner
303 Spray-On Truck Bed-Liner
304 Motorcycle Maintenance
305 Common Front-End Problems
306 Pickup-Truck Clutch Replacement
307 Performance Add-Ons: Ground EFX Kit
308 Winter Maintenance and Snowplow Installation WKM-
309 RV Maintenance
310 GMC Truck Upgrades and GPS
311 Mobile A/V System for a Minivan: DVD and LCD Installation
312 '57-Chevy Replica Golf-Cart Conversion
313 ATV Maintenance and Winch Upgrade
401 Carburetor Upgrade: Computer-Controlled Fuel Injection System
402 Chevy El Camino: Air-Controlled Suspension
403 Power Convertible Top and Jeep Top Replacement
404 Hybrid Cars
405 Improving Fuel Economy
406 Transmission Inspection and Replacement
407 Fuel Delivery Problem: Replace Electric Fuel Pump
408 Diagnosing a Hard Start Problem: Fuel Injection System
409 Vehicle Navigation and Observation Systems
410 Planning For Travel: Cruise Control and Comfort
411 Power-Steering Rack and Pinion
412 Ultimate Camping and Tailgating Vehicle
413 Emission Control Maintenance

Thanks! We would like to thank all of the people who have helped us create this site. We will continue to try and make this site an enjoyable site to come and solve your vehicle problems.
Too the many folks to thank [too many to list], there are some that really went the extra mile for us.
Among them are;
AutoClinic.net [Pete was a big help]
Brian Helle [The original forum designer who helped us learn some programming]
Phillip [Who helped us do some much needed mods to the forums]
ACKits.com [A quality A/C site]
and last, but certainly not least, Josh [Web designer extraordinaire]
And then there are the ones who took a chance on us when few others would;
Lenehan Research [What Quits First & O2 Sensor Analyzer manufacturer]
Alldata [Great people to deal with]
Edmunds.com [They did an article about us.]
MotorAge Magazine [Listed us in their Hot Products Supplement magazine]
and way too many more to list.
Thank you everyone, we appreciate all of it.