An opinion on house electrical wiring


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Dec 1, 2006
When I do anything electrical wise in the house I like to do it up to code but I noticed on the back of a package of wire nuts the amount of insulation that they say your to remove 5/16 of an inch for 14 gauge or larger 3/8 of an inch for 16 gauge or smaller I have found that to be a very small amount to work with on the light fixture I was hanging outside and of course the length of wire on the fixture was very short so it turned out to be a circus act of trying to hold a fixture and wire nut everything together I removed a little more insulation but everything is covered by the plastic wire nut in other words there's no bare metal exposed except for on the ground wire which of course it's ground so it doesn't matter so I guess the question I'm asking here is would that be okay as long as the plastic wire nut is covering any would be exposed metal wire. I'm thinking yes


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Mar 12, 2007
I strip about 3/4", and tighten the nut enough that the insulated wires twist together a bit. If you you take a nut off when tightened like, that you will find the bare conductors have twisted nicely; no need to twist the bare conductors before putting on the nut. Yes, if the bare conductors are inside the plastic nut "skirt" 1/16" or more it is good enough. I think the critical (and hard) part is to get/keep the ends of the bare conductors even as the nut goes on.

PS: I try to never twist the stripping tool like shown in the video! That puts a nick all the way around the wire and can cause breakage of the wire.