automatic 1993 Mazda mx6 stalls at red lights



I have a 1993 mazda mx6 and whenever i stop at a red light, it stalls...which is weird... because its an automatic. i have no problem starting it back up after it stalls. which should mean the TCC is ok.... anyo one know what it could be?


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Apr 27, 2007
I am just theorizing here, the car dies, you put it back in N or P to restart, does this say that the TCC is OK, I do not think so and I am with Jim for your first step in troubleshooting. Look at the PIC in one of the Honda posts active at this time, it explains how to clean things up in the throttlebody.

You could try slowing down to your stop slower, dont stop to quickly, allow the IAC to catch up or catch down to the engine slowing down, letting less air in as needed at a slower rate. Pop it into N during your slow down to your stop putting less stress on a possible tranny problem, taking it out of gear and leaving the throttle at idle also effect the IAC input from the computer also.