Best portable compressor???


Jr. Member
May 3, 2015
I also have a Bostich pancake compressor. Somebody in my neighborhood "put it to the curb" and I took it home. The cord looked bad, but it still worked. When it got almost to full pressure, the safety valve blew open and I nearly sh*t my pants. That's probably why they put it to the curb. I replaced the valve for about $8. When I took the cover apart to put on a new (and longer) cord, I was surprised to see that there is actually a small belt between the motor and pump. Bostich is an old US manufacturer, but I don't know where their new compressors are made.
This compressor is pretty quiet and I put it in my service van if I need compressed air at a location that has 110v available. I have a tankless 12v compressor in my van at all times for tires.
I also have a Harbor Freight pancake that is a little larger (and a whole lot noisier) that tops out at 150 psi. Cost $99 with a coupon and it is the compressor I use the most. I have had it for about 10 years with no issues. Hard to drain only because I have it tucked on a shelf in my garage and I can't just open the valve and "let it fly" because that "water" is nasty and you have to reposition the compressor and then lean it at an angle to get all the water out. Can't just take it outside to drain it because the power cord goes behind a mini-fridge on the same shelf. That shelf is a good place for it because it is behind a row of toolboxes and cabinets which muffle the sound when my garage door is open.
I know what you mean about sh!tt!ng ones pants, imagine my 12 gallon tank bursting at the bottom and jumping four feet , narrowly missing my head. I'm lucky I'm here typing this.
The search continues for a quality, quiet , made in USA compressor