can't figure out how to turn cruise on in my 2003 Impala


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Nov 22, 2008
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Thx for the thx Gully. That other guy in another thread said gobblygook. It made me ponder on my use here. It also made me laugh because I knew I had heard that before. It was in a batman and joker rerun of the 60's.

I will take wins like yours WITH my gobblygook anyday over a sap who doesn't like a good education along with a good laugh.

Anywho, this is how I am and those who don't like can change the BAT channel when it comes to me and have me removed.


Aug 28, 2007
Close to my old 2004 Cavalier, cruise was a dealer installed option, 228 bucks if I can recall it. Entirely different than the previous vacuum operated units all electronic but still had the actuating cable to the throttle body. Would hang up every once in awhile, so just had to unplug the power cord to the unit under the hood. Apparently using a microcontroller that hangs up occasionally. See Boeing is using one on their 737 Max for automatic trim control. really stupid, any engineer should no better.

Cavalier was manual with NC switches on both the clutch and brake pedals, if they stay open won't work.

With new cars and throttle by wire, cruise doesn't cost a cent extra, but on base models, leave off the steering wheel control switches. On GM cars, had to replace the entire steering wheel. Wasn't too bad on my daughter's Kia, found a switch on the internet for 15 bucks, just unplugged the blank, and plugged in the switch, connector for it was already in the steering wheel. Her dealer told her to go to a shop in Milwaukee and pay $700.00 for an aftermarket unit. Talked to him about this later, said he would lose his dealership if Kia found out.

So easy to creep a couple of miles above the posted speed limit with a least a 200 buck fine, worse part is your insurance will skyrocket, not exactly leaving in the land of the free anymore.