Cub Cadet misfires at high rpm.


Aug 28, 2007
One shot of starter fluid doesn't hurt anything, this does.

Making all people within a 30 mile radius sick with those fumes. to the best of my knowledge zero ethanol plants in California as well as zero electric generating plants.

Most small engines will go okay for a month or two, takes awhile, was totally ignorant on ethanol when that is all I could purchase was E10, over 1,200 bucks worth of fuel related parts were damaged at best internet prices, did all the work myself can cussed every minute this crap did to my baby.

Oh a pound of hamburger was 59 cents a pound before ethanol, now over six bucks. No more corn rolls, farmers that switch over have a very easy life, but warned the land will be ruined for a very long time with this jammed practice. And with some of our crooked politicians gone we have more fossil fuel energy that starting to export rather than import it.

Sure a contradiction with huge SUV's and pickup trucks, 99.9% single drivers.

And very possible, when buying E10 at many gas stations will only get 80 octane fuel its a mixture not a homogeneous fuel.

Ha, you are about the only guy, Bill, that loves ethanol, do you own stock in this stuff?