E10 fuel is a pain in the arse !!!!!!

Apr 10, 2018
I was reading a while back here in a thread that Nickb2 was wondering how we handle E10 fuel here in the states. For me, it's pretty simple. I absolutely will not run E10 in anything but new vehicles. Modern cars and trucks have a fuel system that is essentially sealed so the fuel can't absorb water as easily as a small engine with a vented gas cap can. If we get extremely cold temperatures in the winter, I will also run premium fuel to give extra protection against moisture because premium doesn't have alcohol in it.

Any engine that doesn't get used on a daily basis also gets alcohol free premium. It will stay fresh a lot longer than E10. All of my small engines are run on premium and if they will not be used for over a month, I use Seafoam fuel treatment to help preserve it.

I've had plenty of trouble with the jelly in the fuel lines and carbs on my engines and corrosion of aluminum parts. I helped out at a bike shop for a summer and we were constantly rebuilding carbs and replacing fuel lines that were getting ate up by this fuel from hell. I tell everyone I know not to run E10 in anything but a vehicle that has a sealed fuel system.