EV Braking systems


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Mar 12, 2007
This is a scary part of EVs for me. I have never been a fan of ABS or traction control; I feel both are not needed and are expensive complication to a vehicle. However, the need for regen in an EV results in a braking system that I expect makes ABS/TC seem simple.

Is the braking a separate module, or all integrated in the motor-controller? Are the hydraulic friction brakes operable as stand-alone, with "ABS-type" control of line pressure from the controller that could be simply ignored/disconnected?
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Nov 22, 2008
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Aug 28, 2007
Any vehicle with a turbo can have as much as 35 psi of pressure in the intake manifold, not good for the power brake booster that needs more like 20"/Hg of vacuum. So these vehicles switch over to a small motor vacuum pump, could imagine electric vehicles are doing the same. Parts are already on shelves, but just speculating.

Had to design larger alternators for electric power steering, still 12 volts, designing a 12/48 volt combined alternator didn't go very far, 48V for electric brakes, 12V for everything else. EPA wanted this so wrecking yards did not have to recycle brake fluid, less than a pint per vehicle. So still using hydraulic brakes, with a vacuum booster.

Kid brother is a nut on electric vehicles, talking about instead of a battery, using an 85 farad capacitor for energy based on electrostatic principles rather than a chemical type of battery. Basically two plates separated by a dielectric, but if that shorts out, will be like getting hit with lightning.

Jay Leno has a Baker Electric actually came out before gasoline powered vehicles, but somehow gas won out. Rockefeller thought he was going to go broke, he did the whales a big favor by using kerosene for lamps, were using whale oil before. But this kerosene was being replaced by an incandescent electric bulb.

In refining kerosene a worthless byproduct was being produce that had to be thrown away, gasoline, but Ford came out with a good use for it to make Rockefeller a billionaire. Good have shared a lot of it with his employees doing the dirty work.