Flickering courtesy lights on Jeep Liberty



2002 Jeep Liberty Ltd 4-dr 4wd with 3.7L engine

We have been experiencing intermittent flashing of the courtesy dome lights. It seems to happen both day and night, headlights on and off. The courtesy lights will sometimes blink and sometimes turn on and stay on. When the lights remain on, turning on the blinker will sometimes turn the lights off.

We have checked the door switches at each door and they seem to operate in a normal fashion.

Any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated.

Jim Fairbanks

Nov 17, 2006
There is a tsb about the lights flickering caused by a loose ground wire..Here is part of the tsb...You can ask the dealer or get a subscription to AlldataDIY on here and get the full tsb..............Jim.............:

Some subject vehicles may exhibit a flickering trip computer and/or radio display, instrument panel illumination, and/or overhead/dome lights. This condition occurs intermittently but is usually noticed while the driver operates the turn signals or beam change on the left stalk switch. This condition will not adversely affect vehicle operation and can be temporarily corrected by adjusting the instrument panel illumination dimmer setting. DO NOT change the position of the dimmer switch on the multifunction switch prior to Diagnosis.


1. Physically check to ensure the instrument panel cross car beam ground is good. The left kick panel must be removed to see if the ground is loose.

2. Next check the dimmer switch output voltage with a DRBIII(R). This function is located in: Body, Body Computer, Sensor Display, Dimming Level. DO NOT change the position of the dimmer switch before monitoring the voltage across the switch.

3. While monitoring the voltage, activate the turn signal and beam change and look for output voltage fluctuations on the DRBIII(R) and instrument panel lamps or trip computer display flicker. If the voltage varies more than 0.2 volts perform the Repair Procedu