Ford Escape Air Conditioning Problem

Oct 3, 2007
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MAKE: Ford
MODEL: Escape
YEAR: 2010
MILES: 50,000
ENGINE: 3.0 liter V6
DESCRIBE ISSUE.... AC cuts out after running for several minutes. When outside Temp is average, about 18 C or less, the AC will put out cold air for an average of 1 minute. It will then cut out and blow warm (ambient temp) air for a time averaging 2-4 minutes. When outside Temp is higher, around 25-28 C the AC will fail to put out cold air for as long as 45 minutes. Controls work normally, and no lights or errors are displayed in any way. Vehicle parked and idling versus driving seems to make no difference, and during periods when it decides to work, it blows acceptably cold air as would be expected.