Hail Damage


Aug 28, 2007
Actually got the GM card late in 1992, really wasn't interested in the earnings, just looking for a good credit card company, they have been good in settling disputes. If it wasn't for a friend telling me to check out the new Chevy's when my Civic fell apart, would have never have looked. Ha, the first new car I purchased since 1967. Not only the depreciation, but preferred buying a low mileage car that was at least three years old and not rusted out already. Nicest used car I ever purchased is my 88 Toyota Supra Turbo, two years old with 28K on it, did a title check on that, and the dealer that sold it send me all the service records on it, mileage was correct. Guy that was selling it had severe money problems so got it at 33% of the retail value. My 92 DeVille was another winner, paid less than half of the KBB retail price, purchased that in 99 and still have it. Finding the Cavalier was also luck, but funny, I do not drive either my DeVille nor the Supra in winter months, just the Cavalier.

Ha, maybe I will get a Volt if they knock down the price enough.