Heater hose routing on new pulley system


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Nov 22, 2008
St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
Obviously you will need a fan controller to do this. I am assuming you have one since you wrote you are now electric.


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Oct 17, 2009
Here is another idea I used in my old 84 gt stang.

I also went for electric fans. (used honda fan assembly, and this wasnt a eye opener, it was a quarter mile car driven daily so I didnt give a shyte about looks) but I used a thermo temp sensor off of a old nippon car and pasted that upside down of the thermostat neck and ran wires through loomex. so the edlebrock intake had a shiny t stat housing.

Took thermal readings, glue took a few degrees off, compensated that in my head. It basically told the fans I am at close to boiling, go full on.

So that was a good idea, but for what you want, that other version of the thermo couple looks real interesting for your application.

Give me some feed back if you like the idea, and if so, how it works out, or if no, why this would not work on this resto mod, that way I will relay that to a few of my buddies who are also into this stuff.

I retired my quater mile cars when my son was born, that is almost 18 yrs now. Drive toys now, cheaper on gas. ;)

I think also lowring the rez on your phone may help to fit the sites limit regarding uploading pics.

I would love to see the engine bay. and the rest for that fact. Great project Brian, cant wait to hear more.
Thank you for all the ideas and input. Not sure on what route I'm going to take just yet . but I'm really likeing. My options .. This is the exact reason I like talking with you guys . bouncing ideaa off each other and coming up with things I couldnt think of or didnt know was out there to buy ... Thanks again and I'll let ya all know where the path ends up