Hello to SaturnFans members


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Feb 10, 2013
It's been up and down for awhile now. So here is a Saturn S-Series forum upon request as a backup option while SaturnFans is not available.


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Mar 12, 2007
This is the plea I sent to all SaturnFans users I could contact:

I know some of you no longer have Saturns, or have not been active on the SaturnFans site lately, but you may be able to help us out.

The SaturnFans (SF) site has been ailing for quite some time now, and now appears to be defunct; or so feeble as to be no longer useful, at least. There are/were two other Saturn-specific sites that I know of: "sixthsphere.com" and "differnt kind of racing". I think "different racing" is also gone, and I have only "lurked" at 6S over the years, but felt it has a different focus than what I enjoyed at SF.

I have ask the admin at another auto site I participate in (and can clean spam out of!) to create a new forum for the S-series. I hope we can bring back some of the key knowledge we have saved from SF and keep it at this new site, "batauto.com" I don't mean to pirate from SF or 6S, but to provide refuge for the Saturn folks looking to keep their cars going that have been orphaned by SF. Although BAT is open to questions/discussion on all cars (take a peek, at least), I am focused on the S-series "tech" and "general" issues. Qutie frankly, that has always been the bulk of SF traffic anyway.

I have email addresses for only a few of the SF users: cgg17, waiex191, jasenpeters, cozwurth, colonelhogan44, flyingxxxxx81, r.gxxx.xxx, and g-rxxxxxxxx to contact. Some of those may be incorrect/incomplete to protect private email addresses. I will contact you and urge you to visit/join the S-series forum at BAT. If you have any info from SF saved, please post that even if you do not intend to continue at BAT. I am looking for stuff like discussion/pix/manuals/schematics of the common subjects, like ECT sensor, oil burn, TAAT, frame rust, wheel bearings, etc. I will offer up my trans cutaways and TAAT manual.

Also, if you know of other SF users you can pass this on to, please do so.


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Mar 23, 2011
Thanks, Bill. I hate to see the Saturn info disappear even though I don't have one now. I had actually forgotten that I was a member here already, but I knew that the address sounded familiar.