Independence Day celebrated today.


Aug 28, 2007
But sure did not get independence on this day, our forefathers were considered traitors of Great Britain that started a war that lasted 8 years, 4 months and 15 days! Only to break out in another war from Great Britain in 1812 that last another over 3 more years.

Canada was formed in 1867 and if the USA had a different secretary of state would be no Canada, just an extension of the United States, Britain still had an interest in North America, France lost interest, but Spain sure did with a little war to get Texas and California as part of the US.

Was in the military for six years, really never enjoyed this day, their idea to celebrate it was to have a six hour parade mostly standing at attention for six hour in class A uniforms on a very hot day.

Think I will take a nap with the AC on. Happy 4th of July.