mastercool vacuum pump help needed


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Mar 14, 2007
Hello, I bought a mastercool vacuum pump off of ebay. When I opened it up and pulled it out of the box, the oil fill cap popped off the top and, a spring and ball bearing fell out. I put the spring back in first, tapered side in first. I then put the ball in there. Is this correct? The cap itself isn't broken but, the black plastic part (part that is attached to the pump) looks like it may have a broken tab on it. I can get the cap to fit back on and stay if you don't bump it too hard. I'm just wondering if there is going to be pressure on there when the pump is running? Will it blow it off?

To summarize ...... 1.) Do I have it put together right? 2.) Do I need to try and get a replacement fitting or, will it be ok? Finally if I need replacement parts can you direct me where to find them? I was looking at Ackits but, I don't see any little parts like that for a vacuum pump.

It is the 90059

Thanks in advance