Moth in Engine!


Wrench. Diagnostic Tech.
Nov 22, 2008
St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
sometimes i read stuff here and have a hard time believing it, but it seems to be true.

A pine snake 12 feet long. Yeah, me too, if I had those things (slithering) in my grass, I would say to kids to keep on playin the x box. Is pine snake edible I wonder, cuz 12 feet of snake makes for some good food yeah.

This thread is a hoot. From moths to snakes.

I love it. In these times of need, a bit of humor is always welcome.

But I must write this before I forget. It is a bit off topic, but somewhat in the boundaries of making sense.

story is as follows.

I was working for mopar back in 2000ish. The client, well she was a bit distraught, had a brand new caravan that left her stranded.

Van is in lot, see fuel gauge down to zero, I roll my eyes, say to myself she ran it dry. So proceed to put gas, gas puddles under van. Oh, now push van in shop, put on hoist, moose horn is literally in the gas tank spewing raw fuel.

I have probably wrote this here before, but this was a first. It is engraved in my brain. I power washed the heck of the under of that van. Found what resembled a snout slash nose, was definitely an adult and not a buck. Put horn in parts bag, said to lady this aint warranty, send this horn to your insurance for compensation.