need advice again, this time is on what car should I buy?


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Nov 22, 2008
St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
I have a bit of good rock guard in a can. Some rhino stuff I found for a buddy of mine to do his bed before putting in a plastic thing over it. I will tape around the section that goes to steel and beyond at bit to make sure it seal right.

That way that dor sill is ding to heck is beyond me. I have had cars for decades. 30 to be somewhat precis, and have never done that to a car. Only time I see damage like that, f me boots or stilletos. ;)


Aug 28, 2007
One of my favorite cars over the years was a 1941 Buick, did have a radio and a heater. First car I ever had with sealed beam headlights, could finally see the road at night, this is becoming history now because the latest headlights are just like the 40's cars with a double reflection using a light bulb behind the lens.

Also had Saginaw steering, all ball bearing, practically like power steering, very comfortable ride, long wheel base, and with that straight 8, would easily to over 100 mph. Bendix brakes were also good. Plenty of nickel in the steel, rust free.

Dey don't make em like dis anymore.

It wasn't a good idea to drive these things into a brick wall because of that all steel dash, so was a good idea not to do this, but somehow people became very stupid. When you got out, had to take the ignition key out, but had to turn it off first and remember to put on the parking brake and switch off the headlamps if on.

Did have a full size spare and a bumper jack, heard a rumor, bumper jacks don't work on plastic, is this true?