non running poulan self propelled


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Dec 1, 2006
I screwed up and accidentally posted in open discussion what i should of posted here: poulan self propelled model # pr55hy21ca mower had sat in someones garage for probably a long time without ever being used. I got a real clean air filter, clean spark plug that produces spark ( used spark tester ) i have started by shooting some carb cleaner in it and it a run a couple of seconds until the carb fluid is spent. I would like to remove carburetor but not sure how the linkage is removed. Perhaps if i remove the small fuel line i can get the carb at an angle that will allow me to pull linkage out. I will post pics later today. my question is in how to remove carb without linkage and what things to look for to identify a possible problem and how to properly do a cleaning. forgot to add that its a honda engine 5.5 GVC 160