Not sure if this a marketing scheme or all out war


Wrench. Diagnostic Tech.
Nov 22, 2008
St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
First off, it is again a re-badge elm chip. Again, with proprietary software that gives you ONE car free upon first activation, and the rest of the cars you want to fix are VIN specific and costs 15-25$ per car specific use.

I have used autel in the industry for a while now. But this cheap dongle stunt wants to make me puke.

Any self respecting tech would call this a marketing scheme.

It won't connect to anything until you pay. For a vin decoding "mind you".

But if you look at the options, just your basic elm 327 reading modules. No more. Live data as usual. Read and erase codes. And that is it folks. Oh, and maybe some oil resets and other such jive that does not even remotely justify the 80$ dongle and the additional manufacturer admissions at 15-25$ a pop.

An opinion is like an arsehole, and this is mine.

2 thumbs down on product innovation, and trump the china war going on.