P0410 code-- Mercedes C230 1997 --162K miles


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Dec 18, 2006
Also, grc auto pinned that one also, if you don't erase originating code, this will MOST deffinatley prevent a drive cycle to complete, because from the get go, it is pre programmed to go into a algorythm limp in mode, but will self erase limp in mode at start up and self check, hence check light going out. But KAM (kam "keep alive memory" was predominant back then). so this is essentially your problem right now. SO just erase it, follow directions and we should in principal get to the basic of the bosch.
Nice to hear from you nickb2. I checked all the drive cycle tests with OBd2 Bluetooth adapter and all tests have been completed. If I erase P0410, all drive cycle codes will be erased simultaneously too. First time this code appeared in January 2019 I erased it as you and grcauto suggested. After 3 months of driving all drive cycle codes were completed except catalyst test. One day computer performed the last and remaining drive cycle test “catalyst” and immediately turned on “check engine” light. So If I erase it, it will come back again when all drive cycle tests are completed. This code does not bother me or causing any engine or driving problem but I cannot pass the smog test unless it is gone ( no “check engine” light nor pending in the memory).