PATS, Passlock, etc


Mar 25, 2009
Since retiring from most things I have been spending a little time at a salvage yard. We get vehicles without a key that have a security system, Most Fords, some GMs, etc. The normal routine is for the engine to be started and tested before we post it for sale. Therein is the problem! First, do any of you know of a system out there to bypass the security lock. We have broken up the column, jumped for fuel, etc but it doesn't always enable a complete checkout. We actually have an Explorer in now from a friend of the owner who received the truck as payment for services. She brought one key and the previous owner is long gone. We have a key, with transmitter, that cranks the engine but will not unlock the PATS (code P1260 & B1686). The security light flashes rapidly. The owner wants to know if the vehicle is worth anything, so she asked us to start it. I can find all sorts of bypasses for working systems if you want to install remote starters, etc, but nothing for a non-operating system. The easy way would be to tell her to take it to the dealer, but the poor real-estate agent friend of the salvage yard owner is owed a favor and, besides, this kind of thing comes up often in this business. Any ideas or gadgets out there?


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Nov 16, 2006
Sounds like quite a dilemna-- but I imagine forum rules will not allow us to discuss ways to "beat" security systems-- I do it all the time when installing remote starters--there are particular diagrams for particular engines/vehicles- not hard- just varies a lot depending on make/model yr etc--

You are basically screwed- It would be best to require a valid key with the valid title in order to scrap out a vehicle-- otherwise don't take it in....let the next scrap yard deal with it IMO.