Rear disc brake problems 2010 Camry


Jul 8, 2018
As for steel line, even those have gotten less problematic but you will see that from time to time.

And yes, black compression fittings are quite wonderful, but have heard they are outlawed in many states of the US of A. Here, no prob, kind of makes you wonder why when up here in the great white north, we get the worst condition's.

Maybe us Cannucks just know when to pull out a set of torches and heat a bit instead of just wrenching until your blue in the face cuz your scared of some acetylene torches and rather botch a job for lack of experience.

But as Billr said, we sure get our fair share of sob stories here, that is why I always like to tell ppl to stick with national shop with nation wide guaranties. Cuz that way, you can go down the street to another shop with same franchise name and still get warranty respect by law.

A shop is like a dentist. When you find a good one, stick with it.

Garage shopping for deals has always been the favorite of mine. I like hearing ppl tell me how all the technicians in this trade are out to screw them, when all I see is a dude looking for a cheap fix a whatever cost. Here is the result.
I wasn't looking for a cheap deal to save money. I have no problem spending money if the job is done right and I'm not being lied to. This is why I wanted you guys input to see if this sounded like a legitimate diagnosis and repair. I had to drop off the car and had other business to tend to so I never did see what the brakes looked like at the time of diagnosis. They called me and said the car needed this and needed that. I probably should have went back to the shop and checked my self, but didn't because I trusted them. I should have done my homework better before ever starting down this road. There are a couple of really good shops in my area and should have went there first. I figured as long as I've been going to this place they would have been better about this. I'll be looking for a different tire shop now too. Thanks for your input and advice.