Thanks to all the techs on here!


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Dec 13, 2006
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Some guy was ranting about advice given to him, when he didn't give good enough details. I replied to that thread, and wanted to share my reply here, as an appreciation to all the contributors, to name a few: grcauto, Mobile Dan, billr, NickD, nickb2, kev2.

"I've been a member of this board for several years. I will be the first one to tell you these guys on here know what they are doing. You give them complete and accurate information, and they can give you credible diagnosis FREE, from hundreds of miles away. They have helped me to save THOUSANDS of dollars for my family members in auto repair needs. I'm a pretty decent tech, but sometimes I need wisdom from others, and an encouraging word. These guys can help you, but just like any shop, the new guy has to prove himself, and not pee on his mentor's toolbox."


Aug 28, 2007
Wasn't very old when I calculated this formulae, earning a buck an hour minimum wage back then would have to pay a shop 35 bucks to work on my car. In simple mathematical terms, would have work work more than 35 hours for one hours worth of work. That buck an hour was before taxes.

So went to the library and checked out some books, when my grandfather died, left me some tools but purchased more. Been purchasing tools for the last 70 years, even needed a special socket two weeks ago I didn't have.

Have a whole box of special tools that I can't even remember what they are for, but was a heck of a lot cheaper than jobbing it out.

Not only mechanics, but carpentry. Purchased a home in 1964, remodeled it, purchased another in 1968 remodeled it, with the profits had $30K to build my own home, materials are about 1/3rd the cost of having a home constructed, and if you need a mortgage for 25 years, paying back three times that cost, so $30,000 can increased to $300,000.00 by paying somebody to do the work. And nobody does better work than I do. Learning carpentry, electrical, well, am or was an electrical/electronic engineer, plumbing, HVAC was not that difficult and picked of a line of BS to deal with crooked building inspectors.

Claim fixing a power window can be a thousand bucks,, usually get by for a quarter with new brushes, but if you pay to get that done and put that on your credit card with interest, that's $3,000.00. Also painted my cars, but quit with water based paints. Purchased a DeWatt radial saw in 1964, still have it, the difference between being a terrible carpenter and an excellent one.

And you really don't need all those special purpose tools to completely rebuild an AT.


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Nov 22, 2008
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Thx mike, that was some very kind words.

And yes, indeed, dont piss in the mentors toolbox. It is heavily frowned upon (lets say the young one will pay down the line, wink wink. )