Veepeak MINI OBD II Diagnostic Scanner


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Feb 10, 2013
Thank you @BarryW for supporting BAT Auto and sending us a Veepeak to review.

The Veepeak mini OBD2 adapter allows you to read diagnostic trouble codes, turn off check engine light/MIL and display real-time sensor readings with your Android smartphone or tablet by using a downloaded App such as Torque, DashCommand etc. It is an inexpensive option for a car owner to diagnose on his/her own and access a whole new world of information. You can purchase on Amazon via the following link which will also help support BAT Auto ( ). The current list price is 12.99 with 2 day shipping via Prime.
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The package I received included the adapter as well as an instructions pamplet that gave setup instructions as well as a list of FAQs. There is a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase covering manufacturing defects and a contact email of


My first impression was that the Veepeak is an ELM327 by another name. I spoke with my Veepeak contact, @BarryW, who confirmed the similiarity, "The chip solution of our products is vendor’s own design referring to ELM327 OBD to RS232 developer document. It’s more cost-effective and supports all the features of ELM327 and all five OBD2 protocols. They have the same functions."

In response to my further questioning of why the Veepeak is better than other cheaper options online, "There are many Chinese manufacturers who are making these OBD2 adapters with almost the same appearances and in different sizes. Many of them use cheap or less of components and are unreliable, resulting in poor buyer ratings. We choose a trustworthy vendor and have a good relationship with them to ensure uncompromising quality. We also provide professional and friendly after-sale customer support. I think that’ what separates us from other sellers."

While I would like to show my appreciation of Veepeak by giving a positive review, based on the length of time I have tested and limited need for support I am unable to determine whether these are valid points or important factors to me. Their 1 year warranty is reassuring, but the device is so simple, I am not sure past this warranty what the value of superior support would be to a customer.

One of the FAQs asks if you could leave the adapter in on a car. Will this drain the battery? Over a long time or with posibly an older car, the FAQ warns that this may not be a good idea. I have left my adapter in the OBD II port without an issue.

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Luck would have it that not a day after I starting playing around with the device that of course, the Ford "wrench light" came on and the car went into limp mode quickly. I was able to restart the car to get out of limp mode, but quickly the problem got worse and the "wrench light" came on more often as I tried to limp home. After looking up the P2111 code online ( ) and searching online, it became obvious that my late-model Ford had a common issue and needed a new throttle body.



Replacement of the throttle body resolved the issue, and I am back on the road. Thank you Veepeak again and if anyone is looking for a ELM327 like adapter with a 1 year warranty please check out this device on Amazon ( ).

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