Welcome to BAT Auto's NEW FORUMS! Please help BAT

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Nov 13, 2006
Oregon Coast
Hi Everyone.
Welcome to BAT's new forums.

Please feel free to post your questions.
As time goes on, we will get some added features to this forum.

Also, you do need to register to post.
Bear with us, we still have some tweaking to do, so some things may not work properly.

As many of you know, BAT had a pretty severe melt down of the server.
All of the programs and data was lost, even the back ups as, the damaged hard drive wrote the new back up information over the good data, which wiped it out.

We have to install all the programs again and since that costs money, we are pretty much tapped out. And since the tool store, some donations and Alldata is what kept us afloat, not having the tool store program is hurting us.

The good thing is that this forum will allow us a lot of breathing room to grow and take care of much needed things on the site.

So we are asking you folks that if we helped you out and you can spare $5, we sure could use it.
You can click on the link above that says Keep BAT Alive! or


Thank you all for your support.
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