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having starting issues .starter turns over but wont turn motor. what could be the problem i have done these things to it and nothing: changed starter, ign relay, battery,and most of the fuses related to ignition and starter. and changed the crank shaft position sensor. too..... PLEASE HELP ME
Been around for many years and was an admin. Not sure what happened.
Bill: I kon't know it I ever told you I have been repaireing-refurbusing computers for years. If you would like me to take a look at your laptop, I would be pleased to give you a free evaluation and any help I can.. Just drop it off at my house for a couple days.
Hey, gang! I collect license plates! If you have any to get rid of, let me know; I'll be glad to pay shipping. I prefer to pay $8.05 for the Legal Flat Rate; you can fit about 15 or so plates in one of those envelopes.
Hi Bill, just wanted to say hi and vent, shoot the shyte so to speak. I am on day off, sister is back in intensive, needed to talk to help me focus on better things, you seem to be a positive guy for me right now, I embrace what you do, and really wanted to say thx for opening the ev with richard. I really need a friend right now, however that needy that sounds I don`t care.

Regards from quebec